Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hoberman Spheres & Geodesic Domes

I have something called a Hoberman Sphere at home, which is a plastic expanding ball. It's method of connecting the pieces could be helpful for us in designing the pieces for the flock wall. It uses pins at certain joints, and what looks like ball and socket joints at other areas. See pictures above and below

Geodesic Domes are somewhat similar to what we're doing in this class. This photo below of the connections that hold the dome together could be helpful in how we design our connections. It's basically a section of round tube with holes around the perimeter for bolts. The long connecting members are arranged around the outside of the tube, and the bolts fit into sleeves welded to the long members.

I also found this image of the British Museum in London. The lattice structure covering the courtyard looks very similar to ours, it looks like the size of the triangles change with the distance between the rotunda and the square walls of the inner courtyard, but I can't tell for sure.

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